Singapore best for expats, survey reveals

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Singapore topped the HSBC list
Singapore topped the HSBC list

Expats have once again voted Singapore as the best country to relocate to.

According to the latest edition of the Expat Explorer country league table, commissioned by HSBC, Singapore topped the global table ahead of New Zealand, Sweden, Bahrain and Germany.

The survey found that more than a quarter (28%) of expats in Singapore earn more than US$200,000 per annum, compared to 13% of expats globally. Fifty-nine percent of expats also said that Singapore is a good place for career development and 79% were confident about the Singaporean economy.

Overall, 67% of expats said that Singapore offers a better quality of life than their home country, and 65% of parents say their children’s health and wellbeing has improved since moving there.

In terms of the reasons for moving abroad, most expats cited the desire for a better quality of life and the need for a new challenge. Interestingly, 61% of expats said their salary didn’t immediately increase when they moved overseas. Destinations where expats are the most likely to have moved to improve their quality of life are New Zealand, Spain and Portugal.

The most generous expat packages however, are found in the Middle East. And this region also provides unrivalled benefits packages, includes medical allowances (70% of expats in the region benefit from these), annual trips home and airfare allowances (67%) and accommodation allowances (60%).

Dean Blackburn, head of HSBC Expat, commented; “Living abroad allows people to realise a whole range of ambitions. Learning new skills, enjoying a different culture or growing closer to loved ones through a shared adventure: these are just some of the rewards expats tell us they have enjoyed through their time in another country.”


1) Singapore
2) New Zealand
3) Sweden
4) Bahrain
5) Germany
6) Canada
7) Australia
8) Taiwan
9) United Arab Emirates
10) Switzerland

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