Singapore to get panda pair


A pair of giant pandas will arrive in Singapore next month.

Kai Kai and Jia Jia will be housed at the Yangtze River zone at the River Safari attraction. But visitors to the attraction will have to wait for the chance to see the pair – they will not be on public display for at least a month after their arrival.

The pandas will be taking a Singapore Airlines Boeing 747 cargo flight from Chengdu to Singapore on 6 September. Throughout their journey, the cabin temperature will be kept at between 18 and 22 degrees Celsius – consistent with the temperature of the pandas’ natural habitat in southwest China’s Sichuan province. A team of keepers and vets from both China and Singapore will also keep them company on the flight and once the pandas arrive in Singapore they will be transported to their new home in a temperature-controlled vehicle.

“After many months of careful planning and preparation, we are happy to welcome the giant pandas to Singapore and to their new home at River Safari. The arrival of Kai Kai and Jia Jia marks the start of an exciting panda research and development opportunity and we look forward to working closely with the Chinese experts to enhance overall understanding on giant panda conservation,” said Claire Chiang, Chairman of Wildlife Reserves Singapore (WRS).

Kai Kai and Jia Jia will be in Singapore for 10 years as part of a joint collaboration between China Wildlife Conservation Association and WRS.

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