Thailand travellers value comfort, sleep and hydration


Travel site has released the results of the Expedia Sky Conduct Report, a worldwide study that examines the preferences and behaviours of flyers on a country-by-country basis. The study was conducted by Northstar on behalf of Expedia and asked 11,026 travellers across 22 countries, including Malaysia, Singapore and Thailand, a broad range of questions.

In Southeast Asia, the study showed a contrast between the preferences of flyers from Malaysia, Singapore and Thailand. Given Thailand’s central location within Southeast Asia, the study found that Thai-based flyers (79%) have flown up to five times over the past two years – for both business and leisure – compared to 65% of their peers from Singapore.

Thai study respondents were given a variety of activities and asked to select those they would be most likely to do. The top five activities selected by Thai fliers are sleeping (57.1%), Llstening to music (41.9%), eating (36.0%), reading (31.7%) and using the internet (when WiFi is available) (26.5%).

Specifically for a flight of 10+ hours, Thai respondents shared that they largely pass the time by sleeping (77%). 56% would use the in-flight entertainment system and 52% would eat. Thai (16%) and Japanese (12%) flyers are the least likely to stroll around the cabin versus flyers from the UK (45%) and US (39%). Mobile devices are the most important in-flight item; beating water and alcohol

Expedia Sky Conduct Report respondents were offered a long list of items and asked to select five items that they felt they “could not live without” on a flight. Worldwide, the top five items are water, a meal, a phone/mobile device, headphones and magazines or newspapers.

However, Thai travellers shared that their mobile device and headphones were more important than water, with the items being selected 54% and 37.9% respectively. Water came in as a third choice with only 37.2% of respondents selecting it as an important item.

Only 3% of respondents from Thailand say they could “not live without” an alcoholic beverage on board, compared to 14% of Australians, who came in top of the list, worldwide.

Across all flight durations, the top amenity Thai travellers are willing to pay for is a wider seat. For extra-long haul flights, nearly 53% will pay for this amenity, versus 43% of their global peers. This seems to be the case regardless of flight duration, whether it’s less than three hours (short haul) to more than 12 hours (extra-long haul).

“A full meal” was the most commonly chosen paid for amenity among all flight types, across all countries queried. 53% of Thai respondents would pay for a full meal, especially for flights exceeding 12 hours, versus 54% of their global peers.

Thai flyers also largely abstain from drinking alcohol during their travel. Only 14% of respondents would pay for an alcoholic beverage versus 35% of their Mexican peers.

69% of Thai travellers say they “avoid baggage fees at all costs,” on par with the global average of 70%. 59% say they specifically pack lighter to avoid them. 63% of respondents avoid checking a bag so they will not have to wait at the baggage carousel and 51% do not check a bag out of fear it will be lost.

Mr. Simon Fiquet, General Manager for South East Asia and India, Expedia said: “The study reflects that many Thai travellers are taking advantage of their country’s central location and rich choice of destinations, both domestic and international, to travel. They also appear to be as technology fans in planes as they are in life: they cannot live without their mobile phones or their headphones, both items ranking above water!

“Those are important insights for Expedia, as we are continuously improving our Mobile web and app experiences and bringing more great deals on the site to allow Thai travellers to travel as much as possible during the year within their budget.”

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