‘Think tank required for travel industry’ says ACI

Marina Bay, Singapore, host of the Hotel Management Singapore Summit at ITB Asia
Marina Bay, Singapore, host of the Hotel Management Singapore Summit at ITB Asia

ACI HR Solutions CEO, Andrew Chan, has called on his travel industry peers to unite and combine resources in order to establish a ‘think tank’, in order to attract and retain the next generation of management required to take the industry into the future.

He says that unless the sector takes action now and implements the systems it needs to attract what he called “tomorrow’s management”, it will continue to suffer against other industries, which are seen by the Gen Y demographic as having the capacity to offer higher wages, benefits and swift career advancement.

Addressing delegates at the Hotel Management Singapore Summit at ITB Asia, Mr Chan said “Gen Y is the most educated generation in history, it represents the future for our industry. Now is the time for companies to put their heads together to establish the strategies required to bring the Gen Y’ers into the tourism and hospitality fold.

“Gen Y’ers don’t understand or care for the paradigm that has set the standard for generations before them – ‘work hard and you will be rewarded’. Their paradigm – ‘reward me now and I will work hard’ and it’s something we as that previous generation have to accept as the way forward.

“We have to understand that for them career planning is all about vertical growth and developing a range of marketable skills that they can take with them from job to job. While we need to match their increasing salary and career ambitions, we also need to keep them engaged, otherwise they will soon be gone.

“Gen Y’ers accept a job because they want to, not because they have to and they need to be constantly learning. They get bored very easily so it is vital that we are able to implement the systems we need to motivate, engage and ultimately, retain these people as tomorrow’s management.

“The danger is that if we don’t, we will continue to suffer especially against other industries with the capacity to offer higher wages and career opportunities along with other benefits.

“Letting Gen Y’ers know that there are now huge career opportunities at all levels of business within our industry along with related financial gain – and keeping them engaged – is now critical if we as a sector are to succeed.”

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