Travel-bots will take the business travel industry by storm, says FCM 


From iPhone’s Siri to mobile messaging services, chatbots are providing seamless experience to customers via messaging platforms by augmenting human capabilities. One of the biggest advantage of the usage of chatbots is its ability to reach a wide range of people.

In Asia Pacific, over 900 million users used mobile messaging apps in 2016, and this number is projected to reach 1.26 billion users in 2019. It is clear that mobile technology is driving significant change in how we book and manage travel, putting more control in the hands of the traveller.

Convenience is key for business travellers. A travel-bot is like having access to a 24/7 digital travel agent and advisor, at the touch of their fingertips.

While many chatbots provide travellers with two-way communication, they might find the process cumbersome and not intuitive, just like speaking to a robot.

A travel-bot is one step ahead of chatbots as it blends artificial intelligence (AI) with the expertise of an actual travel consultant.

It picks up on cues such as travel patterns and preferences, and updates travellers on their preferred messaging platforms, making the process highly interactive and very human.

The more a traveller uses a travel-bot, the more intelligent the travel-bot becomes. Based on the users’ preferences, the travel-bot can correlate the links and deliver a more personalized information, making it convenient for its users. With a human-like personality trait, and mixing personal travel data and functionality, this all-in-one travel-bot can become the perfect travel companion.

Before the trip, the travel-bot will retrieve and provide the traveller with all the boarding information and anticipate the conditions that come with it: flight timings, boarding gate, and even destination-specific weather updates to help you pack.

It even has ability to communicate across multiple supported platforms, such as Facebook Messenger or Skype, removing the hassle of accessing another app.

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