UAE residents exaggerate weekend claims: Hilton survey

UAE residents exaggerate weekend plans
UAE residents exaggerate weekend plans

A recent research conducted by Hilton Hotels to launch its Winter Sale reported that UAE residents exaggerate their weekend plans to friends and colleagues.

More than half of the 1,013 UAE residents polled admitted to staying at home all weekend at least twice a month, with almost a quarter (24%) not leaving their home almost every weekend.

The truth is fabricated when shared with friends and colleagues on weekend plans. This is more than half at 57%. This is done to either to cheer themselves up (38%), make it look more exciting (25%) or in response to social pressure (20%).

The research highlighted the fact that UAE residents are spending less quality time with friends and family. Of those surveyed, eight per cent admitted to not seeing friends and five per cent said the same for family, yet more than a quarter (26%) admit to spending at least four hours watching television every weekend.

Getting out of bed early during weekends is a tough task for 39% of UAE residents. The research also highlighted how UAE residents spend money on weekends they end up regretting. Impulse buying (47%) was cited as the main money-waster followed by takeaway food (31%) and meals out (34%).

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