Unhappy China tourists scuffle over Macau shopping

Police armed with riot shields and batons were summoned to deal with angry tourists from mainland China who clashed with tour guides in Macau, reports said.

The tourists were unhappy over excessive shopping stops when they actually wanted to see historical sites in the former Portugese territory, the South China Morning Post newspaper said.

The incident involved a Hebei province tour group of more than 120 people who joined a 15-day tour with the last stop in Macau via Hong Kong, The Standard reported.

According to the report, they were driven to a beach on Tuesday, where they reportedly said tour guides and drivers had stopped them returning to their coaches to shelter from the cold.

An Associated Press report said when a few police officers were sent to resolve the dispute, the tourists turned on them. More than 40 police armed with riot gear and batons were then dispatched to the scene.

Macau, The Standard said, had sought to play down the confrontation. It added that the tourists returned to the mainland yesterday, vowing never to return to Macau.

A statement from the Macau Government Tourist office said it will investigate the incident to see if any local travel agency or tour guide had infringed any rules, “particularly where it refers to pre-determined contract, tour itinerary, tour guide, transportation commitments, and whether the travel agency has provided all necessary assistance to the tourists in accordance to regulatory requirements”.

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