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Dubai International welcomes 5.5mn passengers in Jan 2013


Dubai International welcomed more than 5.5 million passengers in January 2013. 

According to the traffic report issued by Dubai Airports, passenger traffic rose 14.6% to 5,559,760 in January 2013, up from 4,852,139 in the same month in 2012.

Aircraft movements totalled 31,332 in January 2013, climbing 5.6% from the 29,680 movements recorded in January 2012. Regionally, South America remained the fastest-expanding market in terms of percentage growth (+23.7%), followed by the GCC (+21.8%), Australasia (+21.3%) and North America (+20.8%). The Middle East was the only region to record fewer visitors (-6.5%) with traffic impacted by continuing political instability in Iran and Syria.

In the GCC, January’s traffic numbers was largely driven by a 46.2% year on year surge in passenger numbers from Saudi Arabia. At 386,698 visitors, KSA was the fastest-growing country in percentage terms in January 2013 among Dubai International’s top 20 country destinations. It was also second behind India in actual passenger numbers. Passengers from India totalled 751,688 in January 2013, up 14.8% from the same month last year.

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