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Falkland Islands sees rise in cruise figures

Gypsy Cove in the Falkland Islands
Gypsy Cove in the Falkland Islands

The Falkland Islands has reported a rise in its cruise traffic for the first time in a number of years, the islands’ tourism office has confirmed.

The rise, which is projected for the 2013/14 cruise season, will see a 7% increase in traffic, taking numbers to over 36,000 people.

The 770-island archipelago has undergone two years of decreases recently with passengers down 15.9% to 29,553 in 2012 and 13.3% down in 2011 to 35,159.

Well documented problems between the UK and Argentina had caused some cruise lines to change their itineraries.

“The cruise market is of immense global significance, proving one of the fastest growing in the travel industry with travellers demonstrating a real appetite for cruise holidays to intriguing destinations,” says Tony Mason, managing director of the Falkland Islands Tourist Board. “With over 700 islands the Falklands offer an abundance of unexplored gems, private nature reserves and hidden coves largely inaccessible to land-based tourists, so coming by sea offers the ultimate taste of this wildlife paradise.”