7 European travel tech start-ups to watch

76% of UK holidaymakers booking a holiday online during 2016 and according to Statista, digital travel sales are forecast to reach $818bn by 2020. With travel tech startups buzzing all over Europe, here’s a list of seven of the most promising travel tech startups to watch:

 1) Amsterdam, The Netherlands – Hotelchamp ($4.67 million funding)

Founded in 2015 by Kasper Middelkoop and Kristian Valk, Hotelchamp offers smart technology for hoteliers to boost direct revenue and build guest relations. Focused personalised bookings, Hotelchamp offers AI and machine learning tolls to incentivise online customers. Their portfolio includes Millennium Hotel Group, The Athenaeum in London and Hotel Palazzo Versace in Dubai.

2) Barcelona, Spain -TravelPerk ($8.5 million funding)

TravelPerk is a free travel booking and management platform specifically designed for business travel. It delivers tools such as centralised invoicing, simplified itinerary emails and expenses integration to deliver a seamless service to users. The company launched in 2015 by founders Avi Meir (who sold his previous startup Hotel Ninjas to Booking.com), Javier Suarez and Ron Levin.

3) Paris, France -VizEat ($5.55 million funding)

VizEat is the largest social eating platform, which connects travellers and hosts around authentic immersive food experiences at their home setting. Launched in Paris by Jean-Michel Petit and Camille Rumani in 2014, the platform now has more than 25,000 hosts across 130 countries. Apple selected VizEat in the Top 3 Apps of 2016.

4) London, UK -Stratajet ($16.84 million funding)

Stratajet was founded in 2011 by Jonathan Nicol to change the way people travel, by making the world’s supply of private jets more accessible. The model of the company works to help operators achieve maximum efficiency, whilst driving down the price of private jet travel through adapting existing empty legs to suit customers.

5) Rennes, France -Gopili ($2.6 million funding)

Gopili started out as a site for buying and selling unused train tickets and is now a multi-modal travel search engine, presenting data on domestic and international travel. In 2015 it launched its three apps ‘KelBillet’ ‘KelBus’ and ‘Gopili’. In 2016, the combined brands processed more than 70 million euros and boasts 100 million users in UK, Spain, Germany, Italy and Russia.

6) Berlin, Germany -MEDIGO ($11.83 million funding)

Medigo was founded in 2014 as an online search and engagement platform helping consumers book healthcare abroad. Founded by Pawel Cebula, Ieva Soblickaite and Ugur Samut, the platform lists over 900 hospitals and clinics and thousands of expert doctors in more than 30 countries. The platform is free and currently available in English, German, Spanish, Italian, and French.

7) Vienna, Austria -Zizoo ($2.75 million funding)

Zizoo is the leading global boat rental platform, connecting charter companies to travellers worldwide. Founded in 2013 by Benito Gonzalez del Valle, Anna Banicevic, Sinan Masovic and Ivan Miletic Zizoo, the platform boasts 11,000 customer-reviewed boats in over 30 countries and a community reviewing model plus a photo and editorial service for boat companies.

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