Vistara launches ‘Freedom Fares’

Vistara has announced the launch of ‘Vistara Freedom Fares’ – a menu-based pricing model designed to give customers the freedom to choose the kind of fare and services that suit them best.

Additionally, the airline as announced the introduction of ‘Vistara World’, its free in-flight entertainment system with video and audio content of more than 70 hours streamed wirelessly onto personal handheld devices and laptops.

Effective already, travellers will have the freedom to choose from bundles of features and services at different price points for their preferred flight and class of service or select them a la carte.

“The one-size-fits-all approach is increasingly becoming redundant”

Leslie Thng, chief executive officer, Vistara, said, “Consumers today have a vast range of options and the one-size-fits-all approach is increasingly becoming redundant. It is the age of flexibility; of deciding for yourself; of doing things at your own terms.

“We observed this consumer behaviour over a period of time and are delighted to bring ‘Vistara Freedom Fares’ to the discerning travellers, while also further enhancing our product and service portfolio with ‘Vistara World’. Our success thus far has been possible by challenging the status quo and by being nimble as an organisation which, we are confident, will take us a long way.”

The introduction of ‘Vistara Freedom Fares’ is based on customer research and feedback, which helped the airline observe the need to offer services on a pay-for-what-you-value basis, given the changing preferences of new-age travellers. Vistara is the first full-service carrier in India to introduce this model.

‘Vistara World’ will be rolled out fleetwide in August 2018, subject to regulatory approvals. It will offer a content-rich multimedia library that includes: music in genres like pop, jazz, blues, rock, electronica, English retro and Indian; Bollywood and Hollywood movies of various categories such as drama, romance, comedy, thriller, action and adventure; and Indian and international short programmes, plus reading material including Vistara’s in-flight magazine.

“Flexi fares at reasonable add-on rates to standard fares”

Sanjiv Kapoor, chief strategy and commercial officer, Vistara, elaborated, “Our new fare model also addresses customer feedback related to change and cancel fees. With ‘Vistara Freedom Fare’, we’re offering flexi fares at reasonable add-on rates to standard fares, and in exchange giving customers much lower or zero cancel fees along with other enhanced benefits.

“Together with the introduction of wireless streaming of in-flight entertainment content, the attractive bundled features will provide more choices and value to customers and also help us enhance overall customer satisfaction and experience.”

Bookings with ‘Vistara Freedom Fares’ are live now and will be available on all major GDS and distribution channels including web, mobile app, OTAs, and travel agents. ‘Economy Lite’ fares will be available for flights operating 29 August onwards.