Atlantis, Paradise Island promotes Bahamian creativity

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Atlantis, Paradise Island Bahamas is promoting the Bahamian creative and entrepreneurial community with the launch of  a story telling platform, ‘Come to Life’. 

Jermaine Adagyako from Funway Holidays and Karen Cruitt, VP Sales Atlantis Paradise Island at the recent launch event.

The company aims to highlight the importance of businesses working with their local communities.

Howard C. Karawan, president and managing director of Atlantis said: “The world has changed since Atlantis first launched and many different triggers are driving travel choice. We felt the need to redefine the Atlantis, Paradise Island offering and looked to the soul and richness of our location and our people to naturally enhance our product.

By encouraging our team to share their stories and let their personalities shine, we have seen inspirational moments between the Bahamian spirit and our guests. In doing so we are instilling a sense of pride and empowerment.”

‘Come to Life’ has been designed to offer a visual journey that takes alook at the spirit of the Bahamas. Authenticity is key and Atlantis will use 15 Bahamian artists, musicians and designers to showcase this initiative. The initial creative component is a 60 second, anthemic cinematic expression film featuring a voiceover by Jeffrey Poitier, a native Bahamian actor, film director and nephew of legendary Bahamian icon Sidney Poitier.

It is turning its own marketing into a storytelling opportunity to celebrate Bahamian heritage and represent the talented community. The movement focuses on co-creation with these artisans, in order to provide them with a platform for global recognition and success.

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