Elite travellers in US get own security lines

VIP travellers are now finding more options to escape long lines at security checkpoints, a USA Today report said.

At some of the largest airports in the USA, elite-level fliers are increasingly re-routed to exclusive lines designed to speed them along and isolate them from the madding crowd.

Exclusive lines had been around for years, until security concerns arising from 9/11. Now in a down economy, airlines are bringing them back to establish consistency and retain business passengers who buy full-fare tickets or are elite members of loyalty programmes, the report said.
“Airlines want to recognise travellers who are paying more,” Tim Campbell, Executive Director of Baltimore-Washington International Airport, was quoted as saying.

Stephanie Dickey, a Sales Vice President in Richmond, Texas, added that shorter lines were one of the best perks of being an elite-level flier.
“I am glad the airlines appreciate us enough to give us a shorter trip,” Dickey was quoted as saying.

The report also cited grumbles among non-premium passengers that federal security screening shouldn’t be class-based.


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