Face-to-Face: Jerome Downer

Jerome Downer
Jerome Downer

Travel Daily UK chats to Jerome Downer, North African Sales Manager at Cyplon Holidays, about his company’s latest destination: Malta.

Q)    So Jerome, what made you choose Malta as a new destination for Cyplon?
Well, we started researching Malta around 18 months ago, working with the Maltese Tourist Board. We think it is a great destination that suits all ages. It’s a three hour flight, small and compact with good roads, which makes it easy to get around and see everything.

Also wherever you stay it’s really nice within the four-star or five-star standard we featured and its great value for the British holidaymaker. This is why we have introduced it as a new destination in November 2016 with our brand new brochure and organised this fam trip so travel agents can get a personal insight into what the island has to offer and be able to sell it better.

Malta has many repeat British guests each year which was a big interest to the Cyplon Holidays brand.

Q)    When do you think is the best time of year to visit Malta?

It’s ideal for long weekends in the winter months but I’d also suggest March to July, or September to October for nice weather. For longer stays I would recommend it all year round depending on your own client’s needs and what they want from destination.


Q)    What was the highlight of the trip for you?

I loved Valletta – it wasn’t what I’d expected. Also Mdina was very nice, great views, lots of restaurants and bars and cobbled streets. The standard of food is amazing something for all types of clientele. Overall a very good destination and one we all at Cyplon look forward to selling.

Q)    Anything else you’d like to add?

I’d like to thank the travel agents who attended the trip we all had an amazing time, and all of our partners, who contributed to a successful launch of Malta.

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