Qatar welcomes increased investments

Qatar looks to boost its tourism industry
Qatar looks to boost its tourism industry

Qatar’s tourism industry is on a steady growth plan.

The country as per recent reports will attract investments of up to $45bn in its tourism-related projects up to 2030, said a senior official.

“There is a projected investment of $11.5bn in the tourism sector alone up to 2030,” said Qatar Tourism Authority (QTA) chairman Issa bin Mohamed al-Mohannadi.

He said, “We are introducing the National Tourism Strategy 2030 to continue to develop Qatar as a destination while strengthening the tourism industry. Qatar will have to build more rooms, but we have to create a destination at the same time. We are projecting organic growth in the sector from visitor numbers and planning the amount of rooms based on forecast demand.”

Elaborating further he added: “We are exploring options for temporary accommodation, such as cruise ships or floating hotels to ensure that there is an optimal balance between supply and demand for accommodation.”

Visitor numbers too have been supporting this growth as Al-Mohannadi puts it: “We are averaging an increase of 11% to 13% in number of visitors every year. The world average is three to four percent and we are achieving four times that. In line with FIFA’s requirements, we anticipate having 50,000 to 60,000 rooms. However, we are developing the local industry in line with demand.”

Currently, Qatar has 14,000 rooms with another 5,000 expected to come to the market in the next four years. “This will bring the total to 19,000 and based on demand we will add an additional 11,000 to bring the total to 30,000,” he said.

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