Singaporeans can access vaccination certificates in Google Pay app

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Singaporeans can store and access HealthCerts securely and conveniently in their Google Pay app, the first digital payments platform that is partnering with the Government Technology Agency (GovTech) on this new feature. Travellers can easily access the digitally authenticated and endorsed vaccination certificates wherever applicable – for authorities, airlines, airports, and other places that require it.

Users can access their digital certificates from the Google Pay app on their Android phone, in the same place where they access their other cards and passes. Once a user stores the digital version of the vaccination certificates on their Android device, they will be able to add a shortcut on their device’s home screen and easily access it from there as well.

This feature has been designed with privacy and security at its core. Users will be able to experience the following benefits:

  • Storing information: The user’s COVID-19 vaccination certificate is stored on their Google Pay app.
  • Sharing information: Users can choose to show their vaccination details to others. The information in the user’s HealthCerts is not shared by Google with its various services or third parties and it is not used for targeting ads.
  • Securing information: A lock screen is required to store HealthCerts on an Android device. This is for added security and to protect the user’s personal information.

For added convenience, once the certificates are saved onto a user’s phone, the user can access their vaccine information even when they are offline, which means they do not need mobile and/or wifi connection.

Patrick Teo, Director of Engineering for Google Pay says, “With international travel opening up, we believe we can continue to be helpful to Singaporeans travelling abroad with HealthCerts kept securely in Google Pay and accessible in any of the 40 countries where Google Pay is accepted.”

Steven Koh, Director of Agile Consulting and Engineering, Government Digital Services at GovTech says, “GovTech is pleased to partner Google Pay to offer travellers another convenient option to access their HealthCerts – digital COVID-19 vaccination certificates – via their Android devices. We will continue to explore new platforms to provide secure and easy access for outbound travellers from Singapore to conveniently retrieve their essential digital travel documents.”

To view or save your COVID vaccination details from HealthCerts on Google Pay, simply login with your Singpass at the Singapore Government’s Notαrise website to retrieve your COVID-19 vaccination certificates.


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