“Use social media more for international reach”: report

Social media helps build brand loyalty
Social media helps build brand loyalty

Travel brands should use social media more outside of normal office hours if they want to gain an international audience, eDigitalResearch has said.

A new benchmark by the research company found many travel companies do not update accounts at weekends or during evenings despite customers needing help during all hours.

Derek Eccleston, commercial director at eDigitalResearch warned companies that social media is now seen as a valid customer service channel and could impact how they are perceived.

“If brands are serious about reaching out to large international audiences, as well as using platforms as a customer service tool, it is essential that their social media accounts are well maintained, including outside traditional office hours and at important weekend periods,” he explained.

The report found KLM is flying ahead of the travel industry when it comes to social media, with
1.7 million more Facebook fans than the second biggest travel company on the site, Air France.

Its popularity in the benchmark, that tracks performance on Facebook, Twitter and Google+ amongst others, comes after the airline famously introduced its ‘Meet and Seat’ service.

British Airways topped the Google+-specific ranking and American Airlines came out first on Twitter, while hotels performed well on Pinterest with Fairmont, Mr & Mrs Smith and Hotels.com the top three in the category.

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