Watch what you say and do in China taxis

Taxis in China are being installed with cameras for security purposes but passengers are complaining that it intrudes into their privacy.

A Xinhua report said more cities in the country are planning to install cameras in taxis to check on errand drivers and prevent crime.

In southwestern Chongqing Municipality, more than 700 taxis have a new global positioning system (GPS) device, which can take pictures and monitor speech inside the taxi, the report said.

In Shenyang, capital city of north-eastern Liaoning Province, about 10,000 taxis have been equipped with the GPS devices.

“I will feel much safer on night shifts as I can report my situation to the control centre through the system if I’m driving to a remote place,” Zhang, a driver, was quoted saying.

A woman quoted in the report complained that the cameras could capture more than potential criminals or overcharging taxi drivers.

“Will the cameras take pictures of some sensitive body parts?” she asked.

The report suggested intimate couples keep their conversations discreet.

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