20 Animals Around The World That Can Kill You


Did you know…

  • Venomous stonefish are considered a delicacy in some parts of Asia?
  • The poisonous blue ringed octopus is no bigger than a golf ball?
  • Polar bears are the biggest carnivores on land?

Ready to take a tour of the astounding world of nature’s most dangerous creatures? Do you want to learn about local creatures before you set off on an adventure? Do your homework and explore Travel Supermarket’s 20 deadliest animals infographic. The infographic catalogues some of the most deadly species from all over the globe. Take a closer look at the brand new infographic to learn about the incredible defensive skills of the blue spotted stingray, the ancient aggression of the komodo dragon and the intensely painful sting of the bullet ant.


Freaky frogs

They may not be first on your list of scary animals but South and Central America’s poison dart frog has a dangerous streak. The deceptive little blue frog seeps a lethal poison from the surface of its skin. One poison dart frog has enough of the noxious substance to polish off 20,000 mice. 


Fascinating snakes

Ophidiophobics (that’s anyone with a fear of snakes) should turn away now. Travel Supermarket’s new resource features three different hissing creatures, including the black mamba, the king cobra (which can raise a third of its body off the ground in defence) and the venomous carpet viper. 


Mighty marine creatures

Adventurers who love to swim, snorkel and scuba on holiday know that it’s important to be cautious in the deep blue sea – and to do your research before you take a dip in unknown waters. In fact, eight of the 20 creatures on the list call the ocean their home; from the box jellyfish to the unexpectedly dangerous cone snail and the bizarre Humbolt squid.

Travel Supermarket’s infographic will educate you all about the ocean’s weird and unusual inhabitants – and offer some health advice just in case of an encounter. 

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