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1 Free Job Post

  • 1 Job board posting credit
  • 1 Month credit expiration
  • 14 days job posting per credit
$199 USD

3 Job Posts

  • 3 Job board posting credits
  • 3 Month credit expiration
  • 21 Days job postings per credit
  • 1 Twitter Post
Best Value
$599 USD

Up to 10 Job Posts

  • 10 Job board posting credits
  • 6 Month credit expiration
  • 30 Days job postings per credit
  • 5 Twitter Posts
  • 3 Dedicated newsletter ads
  • 5 Featured “Jobs of the Week”
$1399 USD

Up to 25 Job Posts

  • 25 Job board posting credits
  • 12 Months credit expiration
  • 60 Days job postings per credit
  • 15 Twitter Posts (up to 5 / month)
  • 8 Dedicated newsletter ads
  • 10 Featured Jobs of the Week
  • Automatic “Top Employer” status


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An a la carte selection of add-ons

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Boost Your Brand

Only $99 USD Each or
$399 USD for All – 20% Discount

  • Feature your post in the “Top Shelf” at any time during listing.
  • Be featured as a Top Employer on our website for 30 days.
  • Side banner on search page; promotion in our newsletter.
  • Customise up to three applicant questions for each job post.
  • Personalised company banner in JD page.


Only $599 USD

  • Filter & sort applicants by industry, skills, seniority level, and years of experience.
  • New applicant submission alerts by email
  • Automatically receive CVs by email
  • Bulk download of CVs into CSV file

Sponsored Q&A

Only $599 USD

  • Well-known companies get the most applications.
  • Increase your brand awareness with a sponsored Q&A section on your company page.
  • Inform potential candidates of your company culture.
  • Transparency attracts the best job-seekers.

Sponsored Tweet

Only $199 USD

  • Customize your message to our active Twitter audience.
  • Use 280 characters to maximise your social media messaging and recruitment!
  • Eligible on all Twitter posts until expiration of job posting credits.


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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a dedicated newsletter ad?

Dedicated newsletter ads create 3x more click-throughs and page views on job postings. Our dedicated ads will be posted in our global newsletter with 200k+ subscribers and readers in the UK, USA, Asia, China, Middle East and India.

What is the “Top Shelf” listing used for?

Job postings in the “Top Shelf” are pinned to the top of our jobs board to increase exposure and view count. Jobs in the Top Shelf will remain until expiry of the corresponding job posting credit.

Where can I find the Jobs of the Week?

Jobs of the week are displayed on our website as well as in a dedicated section of our global newsletter.

What services does opting for the “Top Employer” add-on include?

Top Employers are featured on our website, and within a dedicated section of our global newsletter to give your company 10x greater brand exposure to our community of travel professionals. Our subscribers and followers will have direct click-through to your company’s profile page and access to all available job openings listed on our job board.

How does the custom applicant questions add-on work?

Customised applicant questions will allow you to create up to three questions to prospective candidates to help personalise and tailor your screening process. We will reach out to you to determine which jobs you’d like to add customised applicant questions to, within 1 business day of purchasing this add-on.

What is a personalised company banner add-on?

When opting for this add-on, our design team will provide you with a custom-made company banner that will fit at the top of your company profile page, increasing your company’s brand exposure and name recognition to potential job seekers.

How do I get my job post featured in the side banner and a Top Shelf listing on your job board?

Our team will reach out to you within 1 business day of payment for your side banner or Top Shelf listing, to determine when you would like to feature your job. If you would like to feature your position at a later date or feature another position from your package, email us with the job post title and your company name. We’ll get back to you within 1 business day with a start date for when your job will be featured.

How long does my job post remain on the job board?

Job posts will remain on our job board according to the package you have purchased. Be sure to check the expiry date of your credits – we will send you a reminder on unused credits 5 business days to their expiry date.

Job posting duration (from post date):

  • Trial: 14 days per credit
  • Starter: 21 days per credit
  • Best Value: 30 days per credit
  • Premium: 60 days per credit

Credit expiration (from purchase date):

  • Trial: 1 month
  • Starter: 3 months
  • Best Value: 6 months
  • Premium: 12 months

I have more questions. Who can help?

Please write to us at we will be in touch shortly!


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