New York, Paris and London are most tagged destinations

Research has recorded check-in figures for more than 200 worldwide tourist hotspots as of August 2017, plus usage of popular holiday, travel and location hashtags. 

Times Square, New York City

Carried out by, a poll with 2,040 UK residents was also carried out to determine smartphone habits on holiday.

Tourist favourite Times Square in New York sits in top position on Facebook with 8.76 million check-ins, followed by Walt Disney World in Orlando, with 6.05 million. Central Park, New York took third place with 4.83 million Facebook check-ins.

Total Facebook check-ins at most popular worldwide destinations are:
Times Square, New York

Disneyworld’s Magic Kingdom, Orlando

Central Park, New York

The White House, Washington D.C

Eiffel Tower, Paris

MGM Grand Las Vegas Strip, Las Vegas

Louvre Museum, Paris

The Venetian Las Vegas Strip, Las Vegas

Empire State Building, New York

Sydney Opera House, Sydney

On Instagram #London cam first with 80 million uses, followed by #Paris with 67.7 million uses, and #Dubai with 54.6 million.

The number of times the following worldwide destination hashtags have been used on Instagram are: (to date, as of August 2017)











On Twitter #travel is used 1,500 times an hour and #holiday used 130 times an hour, whilst on Instagram, #travel has had a staggering 200 million uses worldwide, and #holiday a massive 80 million uses to date.

Following a survey with 2,040 UK residents, also discovered that during each day of a holiday – whether a staycation or holiday – an average of 80 minutes is being spent using a smartphone.

Nearly half (49%) admit to ‘checking in’ on Facebook at least once whilst away, 47% will upload two or more holiday snaps to social media, and 45% will take at least three smartphone selfies in front of a landmark or destination.

The top five things we use our phones for on holiday are:
1. Taking photos (68%)
2. For navigation (32%)
3. Sharing photos on social media (28%)
4. Chatting with friends on instant messenger apps (27%)
5. Listening to music whilst travelling (26%)

The top five things we take photos of on holiday are:
1. Photo with friends/family (63%)
2. Buildings/architecture (50%)
3. City views (49%)
4. Country views (48%)
5. Key landmarks (43%)

Andrew Cartledge, mobile expert at, said: “This has been a really interesting discovery for us, because it has highlighted just how incredibly important social media and smartphones are to us when we’re on holiday – particularly when it comes to sharing memories.

“When you’re experiencing something amazing, the natural reaction is to want to share it. Whether we’re ‘checking in’ on Facebook, sharing a snap on Instagram, or simply updating friends and family on our holiday highlights, our smartphones are giving us the opportunity to send real-time ‘postcards’ for everyone to enjoy.

“The only downside is seeing everyone else’s travel updates, while you’re waiting for your own holiday to begin.”


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