34% of Brits let parents-in-law foot the bill for joint holidays

But over two-thirds of children-in-law still complain about the trip, says iCarhireinsurance.com

A new study by car hire excess insurance providers, iCarhireinsurance.com, has found that one-third (34%) of Brits have previously let their parents-in-law foot the bill for a joint holiday. The research, which surveyed 1,000 UK residents who had holidayed with either their parents- or children-in-law also revealed that just 8% of people have covered costs for their parents-in-law on a joint trip.

Despite often getting a free or reduced cost ride on family holidays, children-in-law are more likely to complain about the trip than the ones footing the bill. Two-thirds (66%) of those who travelled with their parents-in-law listed annoyances that occurred on the trip, compared to just 55% of those who were travelling with their children-in-law.

The most common annoyances were:

  • Not getting enough alone time: 30%
  • Having to compromise: 29%
  • Disagreements with in-laws: 17%
  • Costs: 13%
  • Arranging childcare: 11%

Over half of survey respondents (52%) said that these annoyances erupted into actual arguments while on holiday. Almost one-third (31%) said they argued with their in-laws on half of the days of their trip, and 6% argued every day. The most common causes of arguments were:

  • Eating arrangements: 41%
  • Arranging activities: 31%
  • Parenting decisions: 21%
  • Finances: 19%

These arguments aren’t putting everyone off holidaying with their in-laws though. Less than one-third of survey respondents said they’d be unlikely to take a trip with their in-laws again. Most (82%) recognised that holidaying with their parents- or children-in-law did have benefits. The most cited were:

  • Family bonding: 55%
  • Going somewhere new: 26%
  • Saving money: 23%
  • Doing new things: 23%
  • Having help organising the holiday: 17%

“Addressing issues before travelling”

Ernesto Suarez, CEO of iCarhireinsurance.com, said about the research: “Going away with your family is a great opportunity to forge strong bonds and create lasting memories, but spending so much time together can cause clashes.

“Our survey results highlight which issues are most likely to cause annoyances or arguments. This information can be used to help people plan their holidays, addressing issues before travelling so they have the best possible experience.”

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