Deniz Tekerek

Currently working as Co-Founder And CEO at Portier Technologies

Hong Kong

About Deniz Tekerek

20%+ revenue increase through stronger connections between hotels and guests.

At Portier Technologies, we help hotels better communicate with their guests via an intelligent smartphone platform that gives guests access to calls, connectivity and content. Hotels remain connected to their guests beyond the limitations of the property and generate additional income by automating customised and timely promotions.

Co-Founder and CEO

Portier Technologies

Mar 2016 - Present • 4 years 4 months
A white-labelled luxury hotel mobile technology solution, Portier's offering is built around a fully customised smartphone that provides hotel guests with full connectivity and easy access to the city's and the hotel's most intriguing experiences. Hoteliers get a mobile solution that pushes the hotel's branding and its in-house outlets, and provides uninterrupted access to guests, enabling hotels to create a more personalised and unique experience for their customers. Portier serves as a bran...

ding tool, a revenue generator, a connector and as the most effective communication tool for hotels and their guests. Hotels can generate income from a multitude of sources on our devices; these include advertising, customised promotions, partnerships and more. In addition to this, an uplift in social rankings is a natural consequence of this truly special service provided to increasingly mobile-focused hotel guests. Portier will create a more unique and significantly more personal guest experience.

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