Rightsify: How music can “solidify a hotel’s brand message”

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Global music licensing firm Rightsify has announced the publication of its latest report into the impact music has on business when used intelligently in a hotel environment.

In the second edition of ‘Why Sound Matters For Your Hotel’, Rightsify looks at some of psychological and physical effects of music and sound can have on people and how this affect the mood and behavior of both guests and hotel employees.

The report also provides tips and techniques for hoteliers, GM’s, F&B managers, marketing directors, and operations managers on how best to use audio backdrops and even ‘monetise’ sounds within their hotel.

Alex Bestall, founder of Rightsify, commenting on  ‘Why Sound Matters For Your Hotel’, said: “The influence of sound on guests is something that can really solidify a hotel’s brand message.”

They report is broken down into nine key chapters: Physical; Psychological; Valuable Sound; The Halo Effect; The Value of Sound; The Perception of Quality; Music and Employees and Putting It All Together. The Psychological chapter is particularly interesting and outlines the results sounds can have on staff members and some helpful ways for managers to stimulate their team’s productivity.

“The wrong sound in your office can reduce your productivity by as much as 66%”

Bestall continued: “Music can make you feel any complex blend of emotions. But it can also trigger strong memories. The first chord of your favorite song from your high school years can teleport you back in time within a second. Someone else’s ringtone from a phone you used to have years ago, can trigger an instant.

“The wrong sound in your office can reduce your productivity by as much as 66%, according to some experts. In fact, over time it can be detrimental to your health. Ever noticed how profoundly soothing it is to hear bird song or a babbling brook? Give it a try while doing work! There are free nature recordings all over the web. Time to get rid of those noisy printers and phones.”

Another excerpt, under the Power of Sound heading, looks at the implications of the findings in the 2001 research  document ‘Congruency of Scent and Music As a Driver of In-Store Evaluations and Behavior’ by Jochen Wirtz and Anna Mattila: “This point is made clear by a study where different combinations of scent and music were tested in a shop.

“When the music and scent fitted each other well, pleasure went up by almost 10%, while impulse purchases went up by nearly 80%! So it pays off to ensure you deploy every means at your disposal to convey your central brand image. The final chapter ‘Puttting it all Together’ is where the report builds on the practical advice offered throughout the report with some simple guidance on how to be the “architect of your own hotel landscape.”

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