The best European destinations to escape to this winter

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Holidu, the booking portal for holiday rentals teamed up with Spain-Holiday to analyse which destinations are the best to escape to during the winter months!

This study was conducted by comparing temperature and sun hours in all coastal cities in Europe to determine which is the best destination to spend the cold season in. So whether you are escaping the heating bills or just want to soak up the sun this winter, look no further than to our breakdown below.

With energy prices skyrocketing and heating costs becoming a big concern as winter creeps closer, many Northern Europeans are looking to escape their heating bills by relocating to warmer weather locations. Dubbed “energy tourists”, these residents are choosing to use the new freedom that comes with working remotely to spend the winter in a warmer climate.

The Top Destination in Each Country to Escape the Cold

Spain: Los Cristianos 

Average winter sun hours 320.60 | Average winter temperature 20.6ºC

It’s official: Los Cristianos in Tenerife is Europe’s best destination to escape the winter! The city located in the largest of Spain’s Canary Islands averages a whopping 320+ winter sun hours and its winter temperature averages 20.6ºC. Los Cristianos is the perfect place to stay warm this winter. Whether you want to hit one of the town’s dreamy beaches or go on an adventure to the Monkey Park, there is plenty to do in this warm escape.

Greece: Agios Nikolaos 

Average winter sun hours 261.46 | Average winter temperature 16.4ºC

The top winter sun destination in Greece is the dreamy town of Agios Nikolaos. Located on Greece’s largest island of Crete, this town has an average winter sun hours of 261+ and winter temperature averaging 16.4ºC. This charming coastal town stays warm even in the winter. Beat the crowds from summer and check out its many beaches and waterfront restaurants or explore the nearby abandoned castles and olive farms. Agios Nikolaos should be on everyone’s list of where to escape the cold Winter.

Italy: Siracusa

Average winter sun hours 258.20 | Average winter temperature 16.4ºC

The top destination in Italy is the historical city of Siracusa, located on the island of Sicily. This destination comes in with average winter sun hours of 258+ and winter temperature averaging 16.4ºC. Take a trip through history and explore the many archaeological sites or wine and dine taking in the stunning streetscapes. Make sure to check out Siracusa for your next winter escape.

Portugal: Luz

Average winter sun hours 250.10 | Average winter temperature 15.8ºC

Next on our list is the small coastal town of Luz in Portugal with average winter sun hours of 250+ and winter temperature averaging 15.8ºC. Located in the Algarve region, Luz is covered in breathtaking beaches and surrounded by impressive cliffs. You won’t want to miss this charming town for your next winter escape.

 France: Cala Rossa

Average winter sun hours 252.46 | Average winter temperature 13.8ºC

The number one destination to escape the cold in France’s winter months is Cala Rossa. Averaging 252+ winter sun hours and temperature averaging 13.8ºC, explore its stunning white sand beach, and dreamy turquoise waters. If you are looking for an escape this winter in France, look no further than Cala Rossa.








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