Utopian Hotels enhances luxury experiences with books and mindful meditation

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Utopian Hotel Collection - Mindful Meditation

The newly-launched Utopian Hotel Collection has partnered with Heywood Hill and Headspace to bring a mindful and happy experience to its guests.

Utopian Hotel Collection announced new partnerships with Heywood Hill and Headspace to provide guests with the ‘happiest’ and most stress-free travel experience available on the market.

With the help of a bespoke holiday reading consultation with Heywood Hill and access to Headspace’s complete meditation library — Utopian Hotel Collection seeks to transport guests to a state of mindfulness and meditation.

“An enhanced luxury hotel experience”

Speaking about the new partnerships, Utopian Hotel Collection co-founder Ronald Homsy, commented: “We are delighted to be able to collaborate with both Heywood Hill and Headspace to provide an enhanced luxury hotel experience for our guests. We want to change how people travel and partnering with unique and innovative companies to optimise and improve on the guest experience before, during and after their holiday, is paramount to this.”

Utopian Hotel Collection - Heywood Hill

Capitalising on the popularity of bibliotherapy (the use of books as therapy), the luxury hotel company has partnered with Heywood Hill, dubbed as “the biggest little bookshop in the world” which will work by curating and delivering holiday reading to guests’ doorstep.

Guests booking with Utopian will receive a complimentary holiday reading consultation with Heywood Hill by telephone, online or in person so they can discover hand-picked readings to suit their individual tastes.

Furthermore, guests looking to stay at any of the 25 outstanding hotels in the collection will also be offered complimentary access to the entire Headspace library for one month.

With nearly 1,000 hours of mindful content including specialised ‘vacation’, ‘business travel’ and post-holiday ‘reset’ programmes, the app can help guests settle pre-flight nerves, combat post-holiday blues, or simply ensure they’re in the best possible mindset for an upcoming trip.

Since launching in September, Utopian Hotel Collection has been active in providing handpicked properties for travellers in pursuit of extraordinary experiences — from a hot air balloon ride over the majestic Swiss Alps to a Leica photoshoot through the winding streets of Florence.

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