Getting sick or injured remains top concern for cruisers

A new poll by InsureMyTrip has revealed that getting sick or injured before or during a cruise remains the top concern for travellers.

According to the travel insurance company, getting sick or injured is a top concern, as well as health-related issues which led the majority of travel insurance claims for cruise vacations. Cruisers are most concerned about an illness or injury affecting a trip followed by bad weather and missing a cruise departure.

  • 43.1% Getting sick or injured before or during a cruise
  • 39.8% Bad weather
  • 17.1% Missing a cruise departure

Getting sick or injured before or during a cruise was also identified as the top concern in last year’s survey. Also, roughly one out of four respondents had experienced seasickness during a voyage.

The Caribbean continues to dominate

One in four polled chose the Caribbean (26%) as a favourite cruise destination, followed by Alaska (15%), while 6% chose Italy as a top place to visit.

When it comes to cruise news, upcoming deals are the most exciting followed by port-friendly itineraries.

  • 58.1% cruise deals
  • 27.7% more time at port, less at sea
  • 9.9% updated WiFi on the ship
  • 4.3% of new VIP services for suite guests

Travellers, who voluntarily participated in this survey, had all researched or purchased travel insurance within the past 24 months. Out of those polled, 19% had filed a travel insurance claim for a cruise-related issue.

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