Tune Protect partners with Sharjah Aviation Services

Tune Protect partners with Sharjah Aviation Services

Tune Protect has recently partnered with Sharjah Aviation Services to launch a new service for all international travellers.

The new service aptly titled ‘Baggage Assurance by Hala’ is a new offering by by Hala Services at Sharjah International Airport.

“We are delighted with this collaboration with Sharjah International Airport through Hala Services, the Baggage Assurance by Hala is catered to further provide a baggage protection for all international travellers, travelling on any airline to any destination. This is another milestone achieved by Tune Protect with the support of our local Insurance partner, Qatar Insurance Company in UAE,” said Arijit Munshi, general manager of Tune Protect.

Baggage Assurance by Hala allows provides extra protection for passengers’ baggage and its contents, over and above assurance given by an airline.

Baggage Assurance by Hala is available to all international travellers departing from Sharjah International Airport, at the Hala check-in as well as baggage wrap counters.

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