Best travel guide to follow before visiting Azerbaijan

Azerbaijan is a nation soviet republic being prominent for its high tech capital city-Bahu. Azerbaijan is a lovely country bounded by the Caucasus Mountains and the Caspian Sea.

Before starting my travelling to Azerbaijan, I was aware of only two things: it has massive oil money, and it won the Eurovision song contest in 2011.

But when I stepped into Azerbaijan, I was amazed to find many undiscovered gems that will surely be skipped by many tourists when they will be touring to Azerbaijan.

To make your Azerbaijan trip super exciting and astonished, I have framed an Azerbaijan travel guide, so that you will be able to roam around the best parts of it.

My trip to Azerbaijan was fabulous as I found this country beautiful, surprised, and of course, friendly. Baku, its capital, is an updated city steeped in oil money with the establishment of the subway, fast wifi, and futuristic and Parisian-style buildings, while the rest of the country is like rural wherein tiny towns amid beautiful mountains and farmlands. I became amazed by watching the older men who sat at some corners gazing at passersby. Also, it has defined history and charming national parks.

I found Azerbaijan a country free from the negatives where tourists can roam around as per their comforts and in a friendly manner.

So, if you have set your schedule to visit my favourite country Azerbaijan, then you must know the Azerbaijan travel advisory written in the following to make your trip fantastic and indelible.

  • Must-visit places in Azerbaijan:

1. Visit at the Sheki Khan’s Palace

If you are fond of castles, discover the Sheki Khan’s Palace in the South Caucasus. It was built in 1797, a place for the Khans for the summery atmosphere. Situated in Sheki, it is one of the most iconic and ornate buildings, designed with shebeke windows casts amazing rays of vibrant coloured light over the whole interiors.

Sheki’s palace opens daily between 10 am to 6 pm. The cost to enter is 2 AZN ((USD 1.25).

2. Discover the palace of the Shirvanshahs

Even though no one knows who built Shirvanshahs, but this palace was super amazing, and it was built in the 15th century. It has a mausoleum, bathhouse, mosque, and also the famous Maiden Tower.

You can visit this palace between 10.00 am to 6 pm, where you can spend 2 (USD 1.20) to 6 (USD 3.60) AZN for a guided tour.

3. Take hiking experience in the Guba region

I took a bus and visited Quba to relax for a cold climate, and I also watched conventional carpets, and traditional mosques in fabulous surroundings over there. I also went hiking and saw many people visit Tenghi Canyon. I also stopped for a while at Khinalig and Krasnaya Sloboda to see an all-Jewish town outside of Israel. I booked a company for a tour of this region where I paid around 38 AZN (USD 23).

4. Take a stoppage in Ganja for a while

I am giving priority to visit Ganja in my Azerbaijan travel guide. This city is honoured with an archaeological area with the ruins of a walled fort. It has very traditional churches, notable mosques like Juma Mosque, the tomb of Nizami Ganjavi, a very odd house made from bottles, and the country’s prominent 12th-century poet.

5. Hit the mud volcanoes

If you used to play with mud in your childhood and are still waiting to experience that time again, then remember to see mud volcanoes in your Azerbaijan tour. This country is in third place in the world for having beautiful mud volcanoes, which make when pockets of underground gas push their way to the surface. To have such an experience, visit Gobustan National Park when you are at Baku. You can also manage a day tour that starts from around 60 AZN (USD 35).

6. Be sure to move towards Lankaran

Before going back to Baku, visit Lankaran, a sleepy resort town on the Caspian Sea. I became massively amazed by seeing the old prison and Lighthouse (Stalin stayed there as a prisoner for a while), the 19th-century mosque, and the 18th-century fortress. I also filled my bag by shopping in the ancient bazaar. Guys! If you have excess time, be sure to plan a day trip to the Ghizil-Agaj State Reserve, which is home of around 250 bird species.

More Azerbaijan travel advisory:

About stay in Azerbaijan Hotels: This country has many hostel options with pricing starting around 13 AZN (USD 7.65) for 8-10 person dorm and 17 AZN (USD 10) cost for a 4-6 person dorm. You will find these prices are almost similar across the country.

If you have decided to take a private room, then you have to pay at least 45 AZN (USD 26.47) per night. Most hotels in Azerbaijan have uninterrupted wifi and self-catering facilities but do not have free buffets.

About the food options in Azerbaijan: If you are fond of kebabs, then you will find doner kebabs of less than 2 AZN (USD 1.15). For traditional meals like fried meat, saffron-flavoured rice, etc. you have to pay around 40 AZN (USD 23).

For a beer, 1.50 AZN (USD 0.90) and for the McDonald’s food, you need to pay about 8 AZN (USD 5). You can also cook your own food where the cost will be between 60-80 AZN (USD 35-47).

About the budget for an Azerbaijan’s tour: For an economical trip to Azerbaijan, around 135 AZN (USD 80) per day you have to spend.

If you are planning a luxury tour or your honeymoon trip, plan to spend about 390 AZN (USD 230) per day. This will give you the best tour where you can stay at four-star hotels, eating your favourite foods, and also do other expected deals.

I really enjoyed my trip to Azerbaijan for seven days. I got my visa process hassle-free because I contacted Visaleets, where I was assisted with hotel booking, insurance, and flight reservations at the best prices. Also, I got my visa over the mail, which also saved my precious time. I suggest Visaleets for making your visa process simpler and instant.

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