Hotelchamp integrates top marketing tech to drive direct booking growth

2018 ithe year of promising travel tech coming of age and delivering on driving direct volume growth for hotels.

Today Hotelchamp, another champion of the direct booking movement, stepped up in a big way announcing the integration of TrustYou, OTA Insight, Customer Alliance, LiveChat and HotJar into its platform.

Hotelchamp was founded in Amsterdam in 2015, focused on developing online solutions to drive growth in hotel direct bookings. The company has been on a rocket ship ever since, now boasting 1,500 customers across 45 countries. Investors include Ronald Hans, co-founder of WeTransfer.

Hotelchamp is on a mission to provide the definitive hotel marketing platform

Hotelchamp is on a mission to provide the definitive hotel marketing platform and this announcement brings some serious credibility to this claim bringing together many of the industry’s top-marketing tech providers under one roof.

The claim includes the opportunity to enable hotels to manage retargeting, review management, competitor and OTA rate shopping, metasearch advertising and visitor analysis all coordinated via the Hotelchamp platform.

It’s a very ambitious move and almost looks like too much to push together effectively in one go. Is Hotelchamp working too hard to be everything for everybody?

“It’s not our aim to be a jack-of-all-trades,” says Kristian Valk, Hotelchamp founder and CEO. “Hoteliers are already using a variety of highly-specialised services to provide the best possible booking experience to their guests. But right now, it’s a very fragmented ecosystem.”

“By bringing other best-in-class technologies and suppliers together through our Hotelchamp platform, it not only makes it far easier for hoteliers to manage their services – it also maximises the value of each solution working together.”

“Right now, it’s a very fragmented ecosystem”

We love the ambition and their commitment to helping hotels access and leverage technology to drive direct volumes. We also love the idea of bringing together other category leaders from across the industry into a single platform.

Valk advises customers can already start migrating their existing marketing activities to the Hotelchamp platform, starting with the launch partners and with more to be added over the coming months.

We were eager to see some examples of this integration in action and reached out to Hotelchamp for a demo. Once we have had a took at this new integration and have learned what it means for hotels – in terms of simplicity and or increased performance by having marketing data more consolidated and actionable – we’ll be back with a ground-level walkthrough and assessment.

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