Wouter Banning

Currently working as Director at Skypoint Hospitality


About Wouter Banning

Cleaning up the planet with non-chemical cleaning and sanitizing solutions for businesses and homes.

Experienced hospitality executive with experience in Netherlands, Florida, Thailand, South Korea, Malaysia and China which includes turn around management, new technology implementation, major renovations, openings / reopening properties and operational hotel design.

Now director at Skypoint Hospitality and Technology and winner of 2019 NTCC Gamechanger Awards for Aqueous Ozone technology.

Skypoint has 2 divisions. Non-chemical cleaning and sanitizing technology and the other division handles revenue management and technology support including implementations for hotels / resorts / serviced apartments.

Having become increasingly worried about the impact of chemicals used for cleaning and sanitizing in the hospitality industry on the health of workers and the environment, I looked at what alternative technologies were out there.

We sell non-chemical cleaning and sanitizing machines that give a robust alternative to all or most of a business’ cleaning and sanitizing needs. The technologies we offer are wall mounted / caddy Aqueous Ozone machines as well as Ultraviolet C bandwidth lamps. The solutions are a more versatile, sustainable, less expensive, healthier alternative than traditional chemical cleaning and sanitizing methods.


Skypoint Hospitality • Thailand

Dec 2018 - Present • 1 year 7 months
Cleaning up the world with gamechanging technology. Skypoint Hospitality Technology assists owners, operators and managers across a scope of industries to increase sustainability,, decrease costs and increase the valuation of your property. We have proven technological solutions to increase results and decrease operating expenses. Our main instrument to boost sustainability is to implement non-chemical technologies for cleaning and sanitizing in all area's of the property and operation....

This will significantly reduce the amount of chemical cleaning and sanitizing products that are needed with a solution called Aqueous Ozone, sometimes referred to as engineered water.. This fluid is a much stronger oxidizing agent than bleach, works 3000 x faster when killing viruses, bacteria or mould but is very safe to use. It has an Safety Data Sheet rating of 0,0,0. With an Aqueous Ozone machine installed on site, the raw materials used to clean and sanitize are tap water and the air we breath. As such cleaning and sanitation costs plummet. Using Aqueous Ozone gives a strong positive message to customers and employees who value sustainability and/or who are wary of being exposed to residues of strong chemical agents. Other area's of savings are in staff training with just one fluid for all surfaces,, safety training which can be reduces to just 30 seconds, elimination of purchasing cycle and storage for chemical cleaning agents. Next to sustainability, Skypoint also gives advice, can help select the right tools for the following disciplines. Our starting point is to work with owners and managers to help them get ready for the next decade in terms of incorporating the right technology into the operations.,

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