Sabah emerges as ecotourism hotspot

Sabah is looking at becoming Malaysia’s eco-tourism hotspot during Visit Malaysia Year 2020, according to the Federal Ministry of Tourism, Arts and Culture. The east Malaysian state recently hosted the ASEAN Tourism Human Resources Management and Development Network for Ecotourism Programme for participants from ASEAN countries.

The event focused on forest restoration, lake conservation and wildlife experience. Commenting on the event, Assaffal Alian, assistant minister of tourism, culture and environment of the state said: “We discussed about Malaysia’s experience and expertise on best practices in ecotourism to provide a platform for engagement among ASEAN tourism players during the event.”

The Kinabatangan River sustains one of the world’s richest ecosystems, being home to Borneo’s indigenous orangutan and the proboscis monkey. It is one of two known places in the world where 10 species of primates are found, and where all the eight species of hornbill found in Borneo thrive, Assaffal added.

The state has set a target of 4 million tourist arrivals this year, comprising 2.57 million domestic travellers and the rest from overseas.

Visit Malaysia Year 2020Assaffal Alian