Silversea Expeditions announces inaugural crossing of the Northeast Passage

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Silversea Expeditions celebrates its 10th anniversary with the introduction of its first crossing of the Northeast Passage – an isolated cruising route above the Arctic Circle.

Known to push the boundaries of exploration, the ships of Silversea Expeditions recently traversed along the Arctic Ice Edge near the North Pole and the warm waters of Western Papua near the equator. Few ships have done this feat, and now the Silver Explorer will yet again mark another milestone for Silversea, by taking seafarers on a remote and spectacular route just above the Arctic Circle.

The intimate, all-suite Silver Explorer will become the most luxurious cruise ship to sail the route, as it passes 5,019 nautical miles of dramatic seascapes and untamed wilderness on a 25-day voyage. On 10 August 2019, the ice-class expedition ship will sail from Nome, Alaska, to Tromsø, Norway, on a once-in-a-lifetime explorative journey through this challenging region.

“Continuing our legacy of exploration”

“In this special anniversary year, which marks Silversea’s decade of ultra-luxury expedition cruising, we’re particularly thrilled to announce our inaugural crossing of the Northeast Passage,” said Conrad Combrink, Silversea’s senior VP of strategic development for expeditions and experiences.

“Continuing our legacy of exploration, this epic Arctic passage will take guests across the top of Asia and Europe to discover extraordinary landscapes, unique cultures and rare animal species, while enjoying the comfort of Silversea’s ultra-luxury Silver Explorer.”

The expedition is once again, one of Silversea’s most ambitious to date. On the journey, passengers will be able to see and experience the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Wrangel Island, where polar bears, walruses and migratory birds thrive; Champ Island, known for the large, mysterious stone spheres that dot its landscape; Tikhaya Bay’s Rubini Rock and its basalt columns; and the archipelago of Severnaya Zemlya, known for its fjords and glaciers.

In addition, the ship will spend a day navigating as far north as possible, in the direction of the Ice Edge, in search of seals, walruses and polar bears on ice floes.

The Silver Explorer accommodates 144 guests and a fleet of 12 Zodiac crafts that will provide the opportunity for up-close exploration. Aboard the ship is Silversea’s Expedition Team who will provide lectures, workshops, and out-of-ship excursions.
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