10 cleanest towns and cities in the UK

A new report examines the UK’s cleanest areas based on recyclable waste, air and water quality and social media data.

The Clean Britain Report by holidaycottages.co.uk ranks the cleanliness of the UK’s cities and towns by comparing the quality of; recycling, air quality, water quality and frequency of social media updates relating to sustainability.

Narberth in Pembrokeshire was revealed to be the UK’s cleanest town with a score of 7.28 out of 10, followed by Penicuik in Midlothian, and Didcot in Oxfordshire. With 53.04% of its waste sent for recycling, and 93.92% of its water classed as good quality, this part of Wales has proven itself to be the UK’s greenest town.

Ranking the cleanest cities is not an easy task. holidaycottages.co.uk followed the methodology to come up with the results.

  • WHO data has been sourced, which provided a seed list of locations.
  • Social data has been collated for this list of locations.
  • Populations have been sourced from Geonames. Any location that had zero population has been removed.
  • Locations that didn’t match up with social data and council data have been removed to avoid inconsistencies.
  • Council recycling data is then collated and each location matched up with the council.
  • London council data is a collation of all London borough councils.
  • Wales data is a calculated figure based on the raw figures pulled from the StatsWales data source.
  • Each location is checked as to what EURBD it falls into and is then assigned the appropriate code. This is why locations have identical figures for surface water bodies.
  • Surface Water Bodies data has been aggregated by the district using 2016 data only, and then matched up to the location.

Below are the top 10 cleanest cities and towns in the UK. Germophobes, you’re welcome!

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