10 Things To Know Before Traveling To Dubai

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Dubai is home to many of the world’s tallest, world’s biggest, and world’s largest. But still, people have a lot of misconceptions about the world’s most visited destinations in the world (another world’s most).

But worry you not, because the myth busters are here to clear out all misconceptions about Glitzy Gulf Emirate, Dubai. Keep scrolling till the end to know the things you should know before traveling to Dubai.


1. Deep pockets aren’t necessary

Dubai is famous for being the world’s most expensive city (another one!) and yes there are some areas that are expensive but, like any other city in the world, there are some areas that aren’t expensive at all. Millennial-focused hotel chains, like Hilton Garden Inn and Rove, are booming with business. You can go from point A to point B in the city via metered cabs that cost as low as DH3. Many affordable food corner restaurants are opening that doesn’t compromise with quality and hygiene even after charging way less than others.


2. Culture beyond the bling

There is a popular stereotype that Dubai is all about shopping at the grand malls and tall buildings but there are rich culture and heritage beyond the bling. For a quick history class, visit the Etihad Museum, Dubai Museum, and Sheikh Mohammed Center for Cultural Understanding. Getting to know this extravagant destination’s cultural heritage is one of the best things to do in Dubai.


3. There is alcohol

Who says that Dubai is a dry city? No, it isn’t! You can find alcohol at the licensed bars and restaurants. Dubai is famous for the exciting nightlife and can you imagine a fun nightlife without alcohol? No, right? Many clubs and bars in Dubai serve alcohol and the legal drinking age is 21 – so don’t forget to bring your ID with you. Visitors can also apply for a license to buy alcohol. But, please check before opening up the bottle that if the place is suitable for drinking because in some areas it is prohibited.


4. Dubai is the favorite of foodies

Dubai is made up of many cultures and food is an integral part of all the cultures out there. People come to this city from all over the world, not just to travel, but to find work and make a living. And with them, they bring lots of lip-smacking food. There are many cuisines in Dubai that can be enjoyed from Michelin Star level restaurants to budget-friendly food corners. Dubai is a top destination for food lovers.


5. Bikinis are welcome

Some people think that with so many places to visit in Dubai to enjoy the sprays of splashing water you need a burkini. Yes, there are some restrictions on public display of affection but there are places where you can flaunt that beach bod in a bikini – at a swimming pool or at the beaches. But, respect the Islamic customs of dressing at the mosques, malls, and souqs.


6. Dubai is extremely visionary

It is a popular belief that Dubai will no longer be a city of what it is today after they run out of the “black gold”, oil. The leaders of the country were well aware of the situation and that is what they are trying to do for a few decades. The government of UAE is working towards turning the city into a hub for trade, finance, transport, and tourism.


7. Our TGIF is their TGIT

Usually, the weekend starts from the evening of Fridays in other parts of the world, but here, in Dubai, the weekend starts from the evening of Thursdays. The busiest nights of the week in nightclubs are Thursdays and Fridays and malls are packed with shoppers the whole weekend.


8. Dubai versus Orlando

Dubai has opened four major theme parks in 2016 giving serious competition to Florida’s theme park capital, Orlando. The main attractions of these theme parks are IMG Worlds of Adventure that is the world’s largest indoor theme park (one more!) that is dedicated to Marvels and Cartoon Network. Then there is Motiongate that is inspired by Hollywood that boasts rides based on blockbuster movies like Madagascar and Ghostbusters. The world’s biggest water park is about to open soon (one more for the future).


9. Safer than your city

There may be unrest in the middle-east but UAE is probably safer than your country. According to the World Economic Forum, UAE is the second safest country in the world. Nobody will try to snatch your bag or hurt you in the night. It is safe to catch taxis at the midnight or walking around on your own. The crimes in the city are pretty rare.


10. Aiming to reach new heights

Dubai is a city that doesn’t satisfy that easily. Not content with the world’s tallest tower, Burj-al -Arab, which is 828 meters tall, the leaders of UAE are looking to build another gigantic skyscraper. The new tallest building will be 928 meters tall that was scheduled to be completed by 2020 but due to COVID, it has been delayed. The tower will host a 360-degree observation platform, a hotel, restaurants, and vertical gardens.

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