5 productive things you can do during a (extended) home quarantine

There is no doubt that the lockdown changed our everyday life. We now find ourselves at home, only able to go out for essential things like getting groceries or medicines.

With talks of an extended home quarantine being necessary to flatten the curve, it seems that we will find ourselves inside our homes for another few weeks. Below are the five productive things that you can do while you are still stuck at home.

Learn a new skill

Whether it is a hard or a soft skill, it is definitely a plus to acquire a new one to add to your resume that could further your career. Learning how to cook or home repair are also skills that will come handy during these times. Start watching YouTube videos and dust off those recipe books!

Shorten that booklist

Bookworms have this never-ending list of “to-read” books and being at home all the time seems to be the perfect time to tick off some titles on that list.

Start a new hobby

Keep your hands and mind busy by picking up a new hobby. Try crocheting, dance, calligraphy, and gardening – activities that you thought you never have time to get into.

Attend a class

Take advantage of several universities made some of their courses for free. Instead of watching the same cat video for the nth time, allot a few minutes a day to learn something new.

Look for new job opportunities

If you are one of those whose jobs were affected by the COVID-19 outbreak or simply looking for a side gig after finding too much time in your hands, then it is time to revisit the jobs board.

Travel Daily has a job’s platform that connects employers with the right candidate. Create your profile and join the community of like-minded individuals. Check the platform for your travel and hospitality jobs for your next career move.

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