5 reasons why Portugal is the perfect destination this summer

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People are often torn where to go this summer trying to make the most of the few months of awesome weather. If you are looking for the perfect mix of escaping the bustle of the city to enjoy the scenic relaxation and exploring the vibrancy and culture that the urban hotspots have to offer, head to the historic nation located in the north of Atlantic Ocean.

Here are the five reasons you simply can’t skip Portugal, the perfect summer destination for 2019.

Portugal Cuisine

The Portuguese are famed for their love of traditional homemade cuisine and even more famous for their love of sharing it with everyone who visits the country. Perfectly complimenting the warmth of its people is the warmth selection of dishes. Portuguese cuisine is up-and-coming on the world scene, with an abundance of dishes in every shape and flavour.

Behind every Portuguese dish, there’s the recipe of a mother, of an aunt or an uncle, of a grandmother or a grandfather. This is one of the reasons Portuguese food is so special. Whether it’s at the table of a top restaurant or a traditional tavern, the food offers up the unforgettable taste of the Iberian Peninsula.

Perfect summer weather

Lisbon, Portugal

The summer weather is a huge bonus to Portugal, with over 2500 hours of gorgeous sunshine each year. Stepping outdoors to see anything but the beautiful glow of the sun is something of a rarity, meaning you needn’t battle with the indecisiveness of the climate in certain other European destinations. Holiday goers can bring back the sun-kissed tans by enjoying the beautiful Marinha beach in the beach capital, Algarve, or discovering Lisbon’s famous Light on the city’s many slopes.

Sand and sea

Portugal is famous for its deep blue, and the summer not only offers up the opportunity to enjoy a range of sea-based activity like surfing, but it also allows you to explore the sea world that resides beneath the waves. Surrounded by cliffs and in close proximity to a small fishing village and harbour, Arrifana beach is a popular destination among surfers.

There is the International Wave Sports Festival that has been held at Santa Cruz beach in the municipality of Torres Vedras. The festival is noted for its national and international events held in sports such as surfing, skim boarding, surf kayaking, wave skiing, and bodysurfing.

Madeira is also brilliant in the summer for families who want to witness the majestic sight of whales and dolphins gracing the Atlantic as well as sea kayaking, scuba diving, and more. In the Azores canyoning, scuba diving, diving with sharks are amongst the most popular water activities.

Forests and mountains

Caves and beaches to discover, forests and mountains to be travelled, lakes and waterfalls to explore. If inspiration is what you want, Portugal has plenty on offer. Places of breathtaking natural beauty and landscapes that make you want to grab your camera and make sure you never forget that moment. If you want the very best of nature in Portugal this summer – look no further than Alentejo and the beautiful walking trails such as The Way of Saint James. The Centro Region offers up some great cave tours including Gruta da Moeda which goes through the various natural galleries.

Sound of music

Some say that music is one of the world’s biggest sources of inspiration. In Portugal, music is celebrated across the country with some of the best festivals in Europe and in the World. Festivals for every taste, scattered from north to south of the country, that make you travel and explore every corner of a country with plenty of music and inspiration on offer.

This summer will see Portugal come alive as an abundance of international entertainment, cultural and historical festivals make their way to the cities, beaches, rivers and rural environments. As the entire country gets ready for months of festivities, now is the time to get ready and explore the unique atmosphere of Portugal, a country renowned for its love for a party!

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