7 interesting facts about Malaysia you must know

By digging more interesting things about Malaysia, you will really start loving it more. A hub where Malaysians, Chinese, Indians and many other religions live together in a calm and peaceful veneer is somehow a defining part of Malaysia. It is also a gastronomical paradise and a home where distinct festivals are celebrated. Its people are calm, friendly, pleasant, and full of energy.

Do you know Aurea Chersonesus meaning “Peninsula of Gold” was earlier used instead of Malaysia? Its model flag was designed with 10,430 floppy disks. Pomelo is an indigenous fruit which has the largest amount of citrus and is only available in Malaysia. Caning is its common punishment where the number of strokes does not cross to 24 and also not punished to women and children under 10 years.

Surely, you would have been amazed knowing about some facts of Malaysia. Guys! The following guide has stocked the most astonishing and interesting facts about Malaysia. Let’s start:

  1. Singapore was a part of Malaysia

Undoubtedly, you have become perplexed after being aware of the fact that Malaysia was in Singapore a very long time ago. On 9th August 1965, Singapore got separated from Malaysia and became a sovereign state. All this happened due to economic and political disputes between both countries. Even racial riots took place in 1964 that defined the separation between Singapore and Malaysia.

  1. Blessed with the world’s largest cave chamber

A tour to Malaysia is full of enthusiasm and thrilled because tourists will find a UNESCO World Heritage Site known as Mulu National Park over there. It is home to a wide collection of natural treasures comprising Sarawak Chamber, The Pinnacles, and along with the world’s largest cave chamber. Besides, it has the world largest Deer cave and also a silhouette resembling Abraham Lincoln, 16th President of America.

Also, make sure to roam at the exciting nature trail known as the Medicine Plants Trail. Surely, after knowing this fact of Malaysia, you would have been thrilled to visit, if so, book a fascinating trip to Malaysia through Visaleets.

  1. 3rd world’s largest natural rubber producer

The natural rubber has infinite uses in every country around the globe. With a production of around 996,673 metric tons of rubber, Malaysia has listed its name as the world third largest rubber producer. While on a Malaysia tour, do not miss an opportunity to buy natural rubber gloves, also available at cost-effective prices.

  1. Pregnant women become highly restricted 

Malaysian pregnant women keep themselves restricted with some moments during this period. These women are not allowed to kill and tie anything because they believe it may result in a deformed baby. Also, during the entire 9 months, they never carry water or fire behind their backs. Even these women always make themselves away from looking at ugly things.

  1. An opportunity to look at corpse flower

Tourists will find parasitic Rafflesia arnoldii (corpse flower) at the Kinabalu National Park in Malaysia. The surprising fact about corpse flowers is, it entirely embeds into the host plant, and only that part of it becomes visible over a flower. The blooming weight is around 1.5 lbs in weight and 3 feet wide.

  1. A superb and diverse place to travel

Around 31 million people reside in Malaysia where half the population is of Malay. At Borneo, tourists will find a blend of Indian and Chinese. Bidayuh people will also find speaking their own languages. Also, they are kept resided in some particular areas for centuries where it is hardly possible to meet them.

  1. Has a UNESCO listing mountain

Being a climbing lover, you must try to visit Mount Kinabalu, the tallest mountain in Malaysia. It has a height of above 13,435 ft. Those who love to climb should go there because they do not need to learn thorough climbing skills. They just need to contact a registered guide and also a permit.

Fortunately, Kinabalu has listed in UNESCO, being the highest mountain between New Guinea and Himalayas. Also, enjoy the different ranges of habitats, including rich tropical lowland, hill rainforest, sub-alpine forest, tropical mountain forest, and much more surprises.

To know more interesting facts about Malaysia, you have to plan a tour, only then you will be able to grab numerous facts about this country. And once come back from Malaysia, kindly share some facts in the comment box.

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