agoda: world weary Aussies prefer home


Australians from NSW/ACT take first place when it comes to travelling overseas, whereas Queenslanders are the keenest on domestic trips, according to new research from agoda, the global online travel booking platform.

The agoda Travel and Tech Study found those in NSW and ACT took an average of 4.8 trips in the last 12 months. Victoria and Western Australia were the least frequent travellers, with an average of 3.3 trips apiece.

When it came to overseas travel, NSW/ACT and Western Australia led the pack with 1.8 and 1.6 foreign holidays respectively in the last 12 months. Victoria and South Australia are inclined to stay put, with an average of only 1.0 trips.

Queenslanders are the most avid travellers in their own backyard, with an average 3.3 domestic trips in the last 12 months. And it’s not surprising, with its marketing campaigns like Tourism Queensland’s award-winning ‘Best Job in the World’ clearly resonating with Aussies. Despite boasting the most landmass and the delights of the Margaret River wine region, Western Australia only averaged 1.7 domestic trips, potentially due to the relative isolation of the state and long distance to other capital cities.

Andrew Edwards, global director for brand and communications at agoda, comments: “Aussies have a global reputation for being well travelled but it’s interesting to see they are travelling more at home than anywhere else. That’s reflected in agoda’s ambition here in Australia. We used to focus on the outbound traveller but increasingly we are offering more options — and more deals — for domestic travel.”



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