Myanmar’s Air KBZ announces interline agreement with Hahn Air

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Myanmar’s Air KBZ has announced an interline agreement with Hahn Air Lines, allowing more than 100,000 travel agents in 190 countries to book domestic flights in Myanmar.

Air KBZ is a privately-owned domestic airline based in Yangon, the country’s largest city. It was established in 2010, to help its fellow airlines cater to the growing demand for air travel in Myanmar. Air KBZ’s vision is “to become the most renowned airline” in the country.

To support its vision and further cement its status as a leading airline company, Air KBZ has launched the HR-169 Interline Agreement with Hahn Air Lines, a German business charter airline which specialises in distribution services and ticketing solutions for over 100,000 travel agencies in 190 markets.

The interline has been enabled by the Zenith PSS (Passenger Service System) provided by TTI (Travel Technology Interactive).

“An important step for the growth of the international sales channel”

Oakkar Tun, executive director at Air KBZ, said: “This interline with Hahn Air is an important step for the growth of the international sales channel for Air KBZ. The immediate access to a vast number of travel agents in so many countries will quickly show good business results in passenger numbers.

“We have been able to quickly manage the interline set-up through the TTI Zenith PSS, as there are already many airlines using HR-169 through Zenith. We very much look forward to significant and meaningful contributions from our travel consultants abroad.”

With the HR-169 Interline Agreement, travel agents from around the world can book on Air KBZ to connect from Yangon to major Myanmar attractions in Bagan, Heho, Thandwe, and Mandalay, through the Hahn Air distribution channel. It will provide immediate revenue generation for Air KBZ through Hahn Air Lines’ extensive network of travel agencies, and allow Air KBZ to market their flights directly under Hahn Air Lines’ K7 Airline Code.

Gregoire Echalier, CEO at TTI, said: “We are very happy to have rapidly connected Air KBZ to the HR-169 interline solution, it will immediately show an increase their distribution network and to their passenger yield. TTI’s Zenith PSS Interline capability already connects ten Zenith Airlines to Hahn Air, as H1-Air or as HR-169 customers, offering a vast distribution network to the Airlines, at low cost.”

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