Airbnb is looking for 12 people to live anywhere for one year

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Inspired by the growing flexibility to work and live from anywhere, Airbnb has announced the launch of “Live Anywhere on Airbnb”, a program for 12 individuals to live exclusively in listings for approximately one year.

Participants must be 18 years of age or older. Each participant will be allowed to bring up to three companions to be part of the program. The program is 12 consecutive months from July 2021 to July 2022, 10 of which will include travelling to and living in listings on Airbnb.

Whether it’s joining Zoom meetings by the beach, taking the family on the ultimate road trip, or learning a new language in a favourite city–participants can make the world their home. We will ask that they share their experiences with us to help inform future product upgrades and innovations on the platform to better accommodate nomadic living. Airbnb will cover the cost of accommodations and provide an allowance for transportation for the duration of the program.

According to the Airbnb Report on Travel & Living, the share of stays 28 days or longer on Airbnb increased 10% in nights booked when comparing 2019 to Q1 2021. 11% of our long-term stay bookers in 2021 reported living a nomadic lifestyle, with 74% of consumers we surveyed across five countries expressing interest in living someplace other than where their employer is based after the pandemic is over.

Through this program, participants will provide real-world insights on features,  services, and the experience of living nomadically, that could help shape the future of long-term living on Airbnb, including:

  • Product changes and resources that could help improve the long-term living experience
  • Ideal types of accommodations for solo travellers or groups like families
  • Connections to local community members and businesses
  • Better understanding of financial benefits of Hosting while travelling

From young families to remote workers, creatives, empty nesters, and more, we are seeking a diverse set of 12 individuals who can be part of the program for 12 consecutive months from July 2021 to July 2022. Airbnb will assist with listing suggestions, local Experiences and more.

Participants who choose to host their primary residence on Airbnb during the program will be able to test the experience and opportunity of hosting while living nomadically, by potentially earning extra money while they travel. It’s possible for anyone who wants to host and take advantage of the coming travel surge. For new listings that were activated and booked in Q1 2021, 50% received a reservation request within four days of activation, and the average annual earnings per Host who has welcomed at least one guest is USD9,600.

Starting today, those interested in embarking on their own nomadic adventure can submit their applications at Once selected, participants will begin their journeys with programming on how to live on Airbnb from The Senior Nomads, Airbnb product and research team members, and Live Anywhere experts like travelling journalist Imani Bashir.
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