Bengaluru airport unveils biometric self-boarding facility

The Kempegowda International Airport, Bengaluru (BIAL) has rolled out the Digi Yatra project- a fully biometric-based self-boarding solution for a seamless flow from registration to boarding. It has been implemented for one particular flight of full-service carrier Vistara, the Bengaluru-Mumbai flight, to begin with.

All Vistara flights are expected to be integrated into the biometric boarding process at the Bengaluru airport by October 2019. The airport is planning to gradually introduce biometric-based self-boarding solution to other flights and airlines.

The facility seeks to minimise paperwork for air travel under a digital system or e-boarding process for airport entry and boarding flights using documents such as a passenger’s Aadhaar ID or mobile number. Under the digital boarding process, the passengers can simply enroll their identity card and biometric data, combined with their flight details, before entering the terminal.

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