Fly greener with Cathay Pacific

Cathay Pacific is offering a Fly Greener, carbon offset programme that supports the objectives of the United Nations Climate Change Action Summit 2019. The programme is in its final stage up to 31 October, following a mid-September launch that allows passengers to buy offsets before or after flying with a credit card or Asia Miles.

Fly Greener programme enables passengers to balance out their carbon footprint by carbon emission calculations for specific flights. The monetary contributions go directly to fund third-party projects of Cathay Pacific that help to offset the CO2 emissions generated by flying.

All of Cathay Pacific projects in the Fly Greener programme are certified under the gold standard, making sure they are verifiable and credible — improving the lives of local communities and the environment.

There is an option of calculating the cost for your flight on Cathay Pacific’s Fly Greener website and 100% of your contribution will go toward financing verified carbon-reduction projects, such as building renewable energy facilities in developing countries the airline states in its promotion. These offsets can be applied to flights departing after 31 October as long as the offset is made by 31 October.

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