Kid & Kaboodle? SeaWorld Orlando welcomes whiskered baby walrus

SeaWorld Orlando’s animal care and veterinary teams have announced the birth of a 68-kilogram, female Pacific walrus calf on 3 July, to mum Kaboodle and dad Garfield. This is 16-year-old Kaboodle’s second calf and the second calf born at SeaWorld Orlando.

Under the watchful eyes of attentive animal care teams, it was determined that Kaboodle was not lactating and the calf had not received critical, early nutrition. The team made the decision to intervene and is now providing 24-hour care including eight bottle feedings a day, socialisation and companionship, providing the opportunity for the calf to thrive.

SeaWorld’s walrus programme plays an important role in educating and inspiring the travellers about these threatened animals.

In SeaWorld’s 55-year history of animal care, only four walrus calves have been born. With this birth, there are now 18 walruses living in six zoological facilities in the United States, giving the travellers a chance to see these animals up-close and learn how human activities impact their survival, as well as offering scientists and researchers the ability to better understand walrus biology that may be impossible to study in the wild.

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