US travel volume rise 3.2% year in May

US travel volume grew 3.2% year in May this year, as revealed by the US Travel Association’s Travel Trends Index. The total domestic travel grew 3.6%, with growth in both business and leisure volume.

According to the index, while domestic business travel grew 3%, domestic leisure grew 3.6%. The slower growth of business travel, which has smaller volume compared to leisure travel, pulled total travel growth down slightly but not enough to register on the index after rounding.

US Travel forecasts a slowdown in the coming months. From June through November 2019, the organisation projects total domestic travel will grow 2%. This is slower than any of the previous six months, resulting in a stronger downward pull on overall domestic travel growth in the coming months. US Travel attributes the projected slowdown to weaker consumer spending and hesitation in business investment.

International inbound travel to the US for May this year grew by 1.2% over the corresponding period of last year. From June through November 2019, it is projected to slow to 0.4% due to weaker economic activity, prolonged and expanding trade tensions and uncertainty surrounding the Trump administration, the data said.

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