Visit County Durham announces support for visitor economy businesses

Destination management organisation Visit County Durham has announced support for visitor economy businesses in the county, for whom the current COVID-19 outbreak has had a significant effect.

Visit County Durham works on behalf of businesses and public agencies to support the growth and development of the county’s visitor economy, which is worth GBP 914 million (USD 1084.10 million) and supports 11,998 jobs.

Operating as a partnership organisation, over 360 businesses from the accommodation, attraction, activity, food and drink, retail, entertainment, events and tourism services industries receive a package of business support and promotion for an annual partnership fee. However, Visit County Durham is set to waive these fees for 2020/21 to show solidarity and support for their partners.

Ivor Stolliday, chairman of Visit County Durham said: “In these unprecedented times it is vital that we support our visitor economy businesses. By waiving partnership fees for 2020/21, we hope to ease some of the financial pressure our businesses are currently facing. And once we have navigated the challenging situation the industry is facing, we will work closely with our partners to assist in their recovery.”

Visit County DurhamIvor Stolliday