Australia, New Zealand top over 50s’ bucket list

Despite the high risk of the new strain of coronavirus to the elderly, over 50s are still keen to travel once the restrictions and quarantine rules are lifted.

SunLife took a deeper look into the bucket list of travellers that are over 50-years-old, polling 3,000 over 50s and asked them to name the three things they want to do before they die, and the top choices were holidays, big purchases and learning a new skill.

The most popular holiday destinations were America, Australia and New Zealand, while top attractions included the Northern Lights and Elvis Presley’s home, Graceland.

A new house or a new car was first on the ‘big purchase’ list while the skills 50s would most like to learn are a new language and a musical instrument. Giving up smoking and drinking were high on the as well as experiences like Sky diving and meeting an idol.

Overall, the person most over 50s would like to meet The Queen, but amongst those ages 50-59, the top choice was Bruce Springsteen while for those in their 60s and 70s it was Sir Cliff Richard.

Other bucket list goals for over 50s include trying lobster, watching their home nation win the World Cup and reading War and Peace!

Top 10 categories Number 1 Number 2 Number 3 Number 4 Number 5
  1. Take a holiday to..


America New Zealand Canada China
  1. Visit…
Northern Lights Graceland New York Paris The Pyramids
  1. Buy…
A new house A car/motorbike A boat Jewellery A holiday home
  1. Learn to….
Speak a new language Play a musical instrument Fly a plane Drive Swim
  1. Improve….
Fitness Health Weight Finances House
  1. Help…
Children Grandchildren Partner Charity The less fortunate
  1. Give up or stop….
Smoking Drinking Junk food Work Gambling
  1. Achieve…
Happiness Financial security Write a book A degree Old age
  1. Try….
Sky diving Balloon ride Horse riding Wing Walking Parachute jump
  1. Meet….
The Queen Sir Cliff Richard Sir David Attenborough Sir Rod Stewart Bruce Springsteen


Ian Atkinson, marketing director at SunLife said: “For many, 50 is a real milestone age; people tend to look back and take stock of everything they’ve done or achieved so far and then look forward to all the things they still want to do, and apparently for most people, that is to go on a dream holiday!

“Sadly, for most, that isn’t possible at the moment, so it might be that over 50s need to look at some of their other bucket list goals for now. High on the list is bettering themselves, either by quitting bad habits, or starting new good ones. So while holidays may be off the table, lockdown could provide a good opportunity to quit smoking, or start running or even write a book!”

SunLife’s research reveals that 76% of over 50s say they feel they have more time to do things they like to do now, while 70% say they are able to think more about themselves more – so for many now is the perfect time to start ticking things off that bucket list.

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