‘Business as usual’ in Bali after Mount Agung eruption

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Mount Agung, Indonesia
Mount Agung or ‘Gunung Agung’ in Bali, Indonesia

Bali Hotels Association (BHA) has confirmed that it is ‘business as usual’ for Bali, with Ngurah Rai Airport operating normally except for a few flights that were delayed or cancelled.

On Friday, 7:22 pm local time, Mount Agung in Bali spewed lava and ash, spraying volcanic debris around its 1.9-mile radius. The volcanic ash rose up to 4,600 metres, hovering above the Indonesian island, where dozens of villages were affected.

The eruption lasted four minutes and 30 seconds. No casualties were reported.

Deadly history

In 1963, Mount Agung caused one of the largest and most devastating eruptions in Indonesia’s history. Lava flows devastated numerous villages — killing around 1,100-1,500 — while cold ‘lahar’ ashes caused by heavy rainfall killed another 200.

In 2017, the volcano resumed activity, hinting another impending disaster.

Mount Agung, along the ‘Ring of Fire’, has erupted three times just this month, with six days between each eruption. The Pacific Ocean’s Ring of Fire holds 750 volcanoes, with 90% of earthquakes occurring on the plates.

Airport resumes normal operations

After the eruption, flights from Qantas, JetStar, and Virgin were cancelled, but normal operations have now resumed. The official press statement from Bali Hotels Association (BHA), stated: “Despite many international news reports of flights being cancelled in and out of Bali, we can confirm that it is business as usual here in Bali.

“Ngurah Rai Airport is open and operating normally except for a few flights that were delayed or cancelled by the airlines last night but the airport remained opened and operational. By this morning [Saturday 25 May] all airlines are operating normally and no airlines have shared to the airport authority any cancellations.

“Business as usual”

“As mentioned, Mount Agung’s activity on Friday night, caused some delays and cancelling of flights out of Bali’s airport due to the wind sending some ash clouds south. There are currently no signs of a major eruption, but continued small eruptions (without warning) are expected from an activity volcano.

“It is ‘business as usual’ with flights coming and going. There are no disrupted flights but this may change.”

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