Airbnb: “Creative communities are essential to vibrant, inclusive economies”

The Mustang Nero Hotel

Following a recent study by Airbnb, the accommodation-sharing platform has discovered that among all of their hosts in Thailand, 2,000 work in the creative industry.

‘So what’, you might say, but think about it: these are not just arty hosts but creative entrepreneurs who use their business acumen to support themselves financially, while living out their dreams and passions who also create unique accommodations with individual aesthetic and atmospheres adding strength, depth and colour to a market’s value.

“Ensure our guests have a truly unique stay”

Discussing how Airbnb have helped nurture her business, Ananda Chalardcharoen, owner of The Mustang Nero Hotel in Bangkok, said: “The Mustang Nero Hotel is one-of-a-kind.

“I’ve put a lot of effort into the design and décor to ensure our guests have a truly unique stay, and at the same time I hope to showcase a creative side of Thailand to my guests.

“Airbnb has been essential in helping The Mustang Nero Hotel reach customers and grow as a business. I would say 95% of our bookings today come through Airbnb.”

The study, based on responses from more than 110,000 hosts and guests, also revealed that nearly a quarter of all creative Airbnb hosts in Thailand are based in Bangkok. They know the soul of Bangkok’s cultural scene, and are eager to share the creative and cultural highlights of their city with guests within their very own neighbourhoods.

With vivid imaginations and a strong work ethic these kind of hosts are also becoming more and more important as the tourists want to experience life in a destination how a local does.

Being hardwired into the local arts and music scenes, more and more of these “creative hosts” are becoming guides for Airbnb Experiences, by handcrafting activities for small groups of guests.


One in every five Airbnb Experiences in Thailand are creative-based – rooted in the arts, entertainment, fashion or music.

“Growing interest in travel to promote local culture and creativity”

“Thriving creative communities are essential to vibrant, inclusive economies such as Thailand. Airbnb is proud of the supporting role we play as a technology platform that leverages the growing interest in travel to promote local culture and creativity, while nurturing tourism that is local, authentic and sustainable,” said Mich Goh, Airbnb head of public policy for Southeast Asia.

Long live the creative mind, not only as an entrepreneur but someone with a finger on the pulse of their locality – this will only become more important as we move into 2019.

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