Descend into Colombia’s Lost City with G Adventures

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You can say what you like about Colombia and you would probably be right, but the South American country can never be accused of being a boring place to go holiday.

So, if you are the kind of agent that likes to suggest the more out there experiences to customers, especially the more gung-ho ones — all man-buns, beards and tribal tats – then you could do a lot worse than push G Adventures latest itinerary their way.

Dubbed ‘Colombia – Lost City Trekking’, the week-long itinerary is a natural match for the naturally intrepid, or even the more sofa inclined individual such as myself who may wish to push themselves with something more challenging than the usual beach holiday.

Striking out from Santa Marta tour participants will find themselves working their way through dense jungle scenery, past “sweeping river valleys” while exploring the culture of Lost City of Teyuna indigenous Wiwa tribe. A tribe which have never before opened up their heritage and culture for tourists, until now thanks to the hard work of G Adventures and its non-profit partner, Planeterra.

Local Wiwa guide

After five days of adventuring, travellers will make their way back through the jungle before visiting Wiwa Gotsezhi village, where they will experience a soul-cleansing ceremony and learn more about the traditional handicrafts and customs of the Indigenous people for the final two days.

Commenting on the exciting new trip Jamie Sweeting, vice president of social enterprise and responsible travel for G Adventures, said: Sustainable Indigenous tourism in the Sierra Nevada region not only offers employment for many of the local communities, but also helps to protect their traditional cultures and customs, which have been threatened in recent years.”

Travellers learning the traditional skills of the Wiwa people

“In 2017, Planeterra introduced a set of industry guidelines, to improve tourism’s interaction with Indigenous communities. Using these guidelines, we work to ensure the long-term prosperity and survival of communities like the Wiwa people through tourism, while allowing our travellers to learn more about their cultures and traditions,” Sweeting added.

Prices for Colombia – Lost City Trekking start at. £539 per person, excluding flights.


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